Body sculpting

Body sculpting
Body sculpting

Weight loss programme at Medical Centre Rogaška

Truly effective due to its overall and professional design. It engages a doctor, nutritionist, physiotherapist, a personal trainer and therapists. Following the individual’s body analysis the professional will prepare a programme adjusted to the individual, since only the individual approach can give the best results in the long run.


UltraShape is a revolutionary body size reduction and body sculpting solution with long-term results. This is a patented technology, through which mechanical vibration and focused ultrasound is obtained to destroy fat cells at a specified depth which are naturally excreted from the body through the lymphatic system. This treatment is effective; it does not require anaesthesia and recovery and does not leave scars. The treatment is particularly suitable for the reduction of localised fatty deposits, particularly those that are difficult to eliminate through diet and exercise, and for reduction of body volume and improvement of your body shape.

Weight loss regimens at Šmarješke Toplice

Medically supervised weight loss regimens with demonstrable results.
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