Acupuncture is an ancient science for healing various diseases through a holistic approach that treats people as an emotional, psychological and physical being. Acupuncture originates from the old traditional Chinese medicine. This science is based on the understanding that diseases are caused by an imbalance of energy in the body. The balance of the life energy flow through the body can be restored by stimulating the acupuncture points, which is normally carried out by inserting needles at the strictly defined points of the body, but can also be carried out by electric impulses, laser, warmed dry wormwood or vacuum massage.

Acupuncture has the effect of a painkiller, therefore it soothes headaches, migraines, vertigo, muscle and joint pains, pains arising from disease, injuries or old age (neck, back, shoulders, elbows, wrists, hips, knees, and feet), tingling sensations, swelling of the extremities and rheumatic disorders.

It is used for the treatment of problems caused by cerebrovascular infarction and nerve inflammation; it relieves stomach and digestive pains, bloatedness, constipation, chronic fatigue, allergies, allergic rhinitis and conjunctivitis, asthma, eczema and menstrual pain.

It has a beneficial impact on body weight reduction, the treatment of obesity, stopping smoking, eliminating buzzing sounds in the ear, insomnia, nervousness and depression. Acupuncture relieves the consequences of stress, relaxes and improves the general well-being.

The procedure is completely safe and painless. There are no side effects or negative reactions with acupuncture, it is also recommended for preventive purposes. It is an excellent complementary method for classic European medicine.

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