The purpose of peeling is deep cleaning, which the skin desperately needs. It is best that we treat our bodies to it at least once a week. The tiny grains remove dead skin cells and improve circulation. The skin will become soft as silk; it will appear cared for, shiny and tender.


People from all around the world are aware of the therapeutic effect of massages on health and well-being. Different cultures have developed different massage techniquesSlovenia Medical lets you experience massages from all around the world.

Consult with experienced licensed therapists, who will be able to advise you which massage will best satisfy your desires and help you with your particular problem.

Face care

Facial care for a rejuvenated look. We offer the following services:

  • AcadAromes 70 face care (spine massage, face peeling and massage, face mask)
  • AcadAromes 50 face care (face peeling and massage, face mask)
  • Thalgo hydro face care (face peeling and massage, face mask)
  • Thalgo face lift care (face peeling and massage, face mask)


We offer the following services:

  • Soft pack system / water bed with wrap (nourishing, moisturizing, anti–cellulite)
  • Thalgo wrap with peeling (mineralization, detoxication, body sculpting)
  • Thalgo wrap (without peeling)
  • Frigi Thalgo wrap (for swollen, painful legs and body sculpting)
  • Anti–cellulite Thalgomince programme (peeling, massage, wrap)
  • Anti–cellulite Thalgomince programme (without peeling)
  • Slim & sculpt Thalgo programme (special massage, chest, upper arm, stomach and thigh wrap)
  • AcadaySpa body (sculpting — massage with coconut shell, peeling, leg wrap)


 We offer the following services:
  • bath, complete body massage
  • pampering for couples (bath, massage)
  • pampering bath for one
  • pampering bath for two


We offer you the following services:

  • Beauty ritual / peeling, wrap, face and body massage
  • Energy ritual / peeling, wrap, reflexive foot massage
  • Nourishing ritual / peeling, wrap, face massage
  • Mini beauty set / wrap, face massage
  • Mini energy set / wrap, reflexive foot massage
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