Drinking Donat Mg natural mineral water

Drinking Donat Mg natural mineral water takes place at the famous mineral water drinking hall in the heart of Rogaška Slatina. The drinking treatment is a ritual which must be repeated at least three times a day, always from twenty minutes to half an hour prior to eating. At the beginning of the drinking treatment with medicinal mineral spring water every visitor is given their own glass with a measuring scale, which will accompany them throughout the therapy. The amount of water, type of water and time of drinking is prescribed by the doctor.

The treatment drink is most effective if visitors combine them with selected therapies, which are adjusted by the doctors to the needs, medical conditions and desired goals of the individual.

Hidrotherapy: thermal and mineral baths

Thermal and mineral water are a recognized natural healing remedy. Due to their exceptional effects on health, the body and well-being, thermal and mineral baths are one of the most popular therapies at the Rogaška Medical Centre.


Thermotherapy: Fango – mud and other wraps

Heat is often used in treatment due to its beneficial effect on the body. The procedure of using the heat energy for therapeutic purposes is called thermotherapy.

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